uppababy_mesa_infant_car_seat_with_smartsecure_system_in_drew_tangerine_orange_UPPAbaby Mesa is the best selection for those who want the most reliable and versatile infant car seat in the current market. If you’re someone who wants to read UPPAbaby Mesa review and money is not an issue for you, we suggest you go for it.

Some people probably think it’s such a waste of money to purchase UPPAbaby Mesa. Let us give some explanations why this car seat worth to be bought. Most of parents also think this infant car seat superior compared to any infant car seats in the market.

If you would like to give your little baby the best infant car seat and money is not a big deal, UPPAbaby Mesa is certainly for you.

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Technical Specs

Child Weight (lbs)Rear Facing: 4 - 35
Child Standing Height (in)32 or less
Product Weight - Car Seat (lbs)11.1
Product Weight - Base Only (lbs)9.3
Product Dimensions - Car Seat (in)17W x 25.75L x 23H
Product Dimensions - Car Seat with Base (in)17W x 28L x 25H
Product Dimensions - Base Only (in)Lowest Level: 14.25W x 21.25L x 10.25H Highest Level: 14.25W x 21.25L x 13H
Energy-Absorbent FoamYes
Five-Point HarnessYes
Latch ConnectorYes
ColourLindsey / Sebby / Drew / Jake
Waranty2 Years Limited Waranty


Why UPPAbaby Mesa is Worth to Buy?UPPAbaby-MESA-Infant-Car-Seat-Drew-Orange-0-2

Let me explain why this car seat is not same as any other infant car seats. UPPAbaby Mesa has a head restraint features. This feature is not owned by many other infant car seats. Normally, we must buy additional pillow as head support for our baby. The head restraint is minimizing side-to-side head movement and keeping neck and spine straight, limiting potential risk could happen if there any traffic accident. Car seat should be adjusted regularly as our baby grows. How to adjust this headrest? this head restrain is very easy to adjust, we can adjust the headrest from the front. There is a small tab at the top of this seat, when we pull it, we can easily slide the headrest. Even after we seats our infant in the carrier, we still can adjust the headrest to the safest and most comfortable position. The best position is the headrest centered to the head and your baby’s head is no less than 1″ from the top of head restraint. UPPAbaby Mesa also has an infant insert, a suitable cushion for your newborn baby. The infant insert’s built-in wedge to create safer riding position for preemies and small newborns. This pad can be removed when the little baby has grown bigger. Other than that, this car seat comes with comfortable shoulder pads. The shoulder pads is fit even for your newborn baby.

If you don’t like something complicated, this product is absolutely for you. Mesa’s five-point harness was made by using latest technology. Its buckle specifically designed in order to keep the strap not twisted. The buckle also can be adjusted in 2 positions accommodating your child growth. How to securing your baby in this car seat? it is a very simple job, we just need to place the harness over the infant,click the harness into the buckle, close the chest clip and then you only need ONE pull into front adjuster harness strap. After that, pinch the harness webbing in the infant’s shoulder just to make sure it is installed correctly. Yes, securing your baby in UPPAbaby Mesa just as simple as that. Moreover, this car seat has a small storage pockets sewn into the side of the seat. It is allowed you to tuck the harness buckles into the seat to creating the way for easy loading and unloading of your child.

Another great thing that I like from UPPAbaby Mesa is the tightness indicator, the standout feature that definitely distinguish this car seat from any car seats out there. This smart secure system make parents easily to determine whether UPPAbaby Mesa has installed correctly. It is as easy as red turns into green. Yes, just like the traffic light, red for stop and green for go. If the tightness indicator still read, it means we have to stop because the seat is installed incorrectly. What happens if the tightness indicator turns green? Congrats mom! you have installed it correctly, lets hit the road!

Another Features that keep UPPAbaby Mesa Superior

mesa3Performance travel system: Does MESA compatible with the stroller? Yes it does. This infant car seat is compatible with both UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller and UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller. If you would like to buy baby stroller that matched well with this car seat. I recommend you to buy UPPAbaby Cruz, because of the easiness offered and also CRUZ has more affordable price compared to UPPAbaby Vista. You don’t need any adapter to attach the carrier into Cruz because the stroller has built-in adapter. Attachment to VISTA does need the adapter, but don’t worry, no need to spend extra money since the adapter is included in the box with the carhand copy seat.

If you are wanting the car seat that can be released from stroller in ease then UPPAbaby Mesa is for you. There is a small button for releasing in the handle of carrier. You can remove the car seat from the stroller with only using one hand, effortless.

Bigger capacity: If you are not planning to have another baby in near term, I suggest you to buy car seat with bigger capacity, so you can use it longer. Even your newborn baby fit in convertible car seat, most experts agree that baby under 20 lbs safer in infant car seat. Some infant car seat like Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite only has 22 lbs weight capacity and some have 30 lbs capacity. UPPAbaby Mesa has 35 lbs capacity, bigger than most of infant car seats.

Smart canopy: Mesa’s canopy was made from unique material, its SPF 50+, the canopy protect your baby from ultraviolet rays. The canopy can be removed to be washed (using cold water) or if it is not too dirty, you can do spot-cleaning. Another thing that I love from this canopy is when you fold it down, it doesn’t create any annoying flutter. When you fold the canopy down, it seems there’s no canopy at all.

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UPPAbaby Mesa Easy Installation

According to NHTSA’s five-star rating system: The more stars a car seat has, the easier it’s to use. UPPAbaby Mesa is awarded 5 Stars from National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. I do agree with them, here’s the reason.

MESA_accessories_baseInstallation using base: UPPAbaby states that MESA comes with smart secure system, the feature that makes installation using the latch need only 10 seconds. How to install it that fast? This rear facing car seat offers you a lot of easiness, so you can install it in blink of eyes. Just press the recline foot button (grey button on the top of the base) to make level adjustment. To make sure it is leveled correctly, you can see the level indicator. The level indicator is available in both side of the base, so it doesn’t matter if you install it from the left or right side of your vehicle, and you still can see the indicator. Furthermore, release the latch connectors by pressing the orange button at the top of Mesa’s base. The latch connectors are tucked well in its storage, so you will not be distributed if you are not using it. After that, attach the both latches into lower anchor of your vehicle, then just press down the base until the tightness indicator become green. You don’t need to pull any strap, because Mesa has auto-reattached latch. Installing Mesa’s base just as simple as that, no wonder if we could install it very fast.

UPPAbaby Mesa also can be installed using lap shoulder seat belt. First thing you have to do is open the blue lockoff then pull the shoulder belt through the base, then buckle it. Then apply pressure to the base while pulling the top portion of lap shoulder belt. When the tightness indicator turn from red into fully green then close the blue lockoff. You must ensure the base installed properly, if the base not moving side-to-side and back-to-front more than 1″, it is installed in the right way already. So simple, right?

The carrier attaches to the base in ease. You literally just put it there until it click. If you want to release the carrier from the base just pull the handle on the back of the seat and lift the carrier, which is no hard at all.

Baseless installation: When you traveling in taxi or other’s people car, you still can install UPPAbaby Mesa without the base with European-style belt routing. This installation method is a safe method as well. I can say this feature definitely make MESA superior compared to any other car seats out there. Baseless installation is not hard. To install it in this method, just put on the carrier in rear facing on the vehicle and level it. As guidance for leveling you can see the red line at the side label, align it with the car’s floor. Then pull the shoulder belt, put it on the blue belt guide on the side of carrier and put it also on the belt guide on backside of carrier. After you make sure the belt is not twisted, you can lock it by pulling off the seat belt (for baseless installation detail you may watch the tutorial video above). Your infant car seat still secure even without the base.

Negative Points

Honestly, what I don’t like from UPPAbaby Mesa is the weight of the carrier, it’s 11.1 lbs. It is quite heavy for moms (father’s opinion), about 2 lbs heavier than car seat generally. This 2 lbs difference may not be felt if our baby have seated on it, but quite tiring if we should carry it longer. But I think it’s fair enough since the capacity of this car seat is bigger too. If you need car seat that can carry bigger baby yet light. I find Graco Snugride 35 is a lighter car seat with same 35 lbs weight limit.

As I said in the beginning, this infant car seat is pricey. If you have a tight budget and you are looking infant car seat with more affordable price without neglecting safety factor, you will get a better price deal with Efenflo Nurture. There is a huge price difference of $200! I can understand some parents choosing Evenflo Nurture with that sort of price difference.

Final Impression

MESA_accessories_baseUPPAbaby Mesa is amazing infant car seat. I really love the design and the color of this car seat. I believe you also will agree with me, if you already try this car seat. I also love the additional accessories UPPAbaby cabana, the insect and weather protector. My $29.99 was spent very well on it.

In my opinion, there is only very little room to complain about this car seat. I could say that the expensive price tag justifies considering its performance and features. This is king of infant car seat.

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